Big, fat tears

When I was on page 120 of this book I’m editing, I thought it only had 127 pages. It really has 177 pages, and now I’m crying like a baby.

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Herding loose ends

The end of the month caught me off guard. I’m always pretty out of it this time of year, so it’s not surprising. I think I’ve hunted down everything I lost track of the last couple weeks. Now to finish the tasks, check the lists, and enjoy some peace of mind.

I’m in food trouble

I just found a hot dog place within comfortable walking distance from the library where I like to work. This could be trouble.

I’m also drinking vending machine coffee while at the library. Whatever. It works for me.

The public

Took the bus downtown today to work from the library. It’s a good and inexpensive combination. Relatively stress free, too.

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I have this new writing project I’m working on, and I figured out a way to trick myself into gathering notes more quickly. Each time I have the urge to check ADN or Twitter, I add a new thought to my notes first. I’m collecting notes in an Evernote notebook, so I can easily get the notes down then switch to the social apps, no matter which device I pick up for the task.

Getting the notes down is proving to be more fun than catching up on my timelines. Sometimes I get distracted and skip the social stuff entirely. This all feels so strange.


I think I just need to go find a factory job in Kansas and keep my head down for the next couple years. Work steady, live light, rock no boats, stockpile cash.

Die from boredom.

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I did that thing where I forgot to eat meals all day

I had to run out the door to make it to the courthouse pretty early, and taking the bus meant leaving my house before 7:00 AM. No breakfast.

I was chosen for a pool that doesn’t have to sit through voir dire until Wednesday, which meant we were dismissed today at 11:30 AM. I took the bus home, then began dealing with Monday morning’s work. No lunch.

I got completely wrapped up in stuff and forgot that food is a thing. It’s now into the evening hours, and so far I’ve had no dinner.

I might need to rectify this.

I’m really not as bad as you may think

My next goal in life is to put together a business plan for a new company that requires the word “eviscerate” to clearly communicate its mission.

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