Films? Books? Poetry? Read or write?

My imagination needs stretching.


Truth isn’t what you think it is

Word of the day: remystify


We can make it to 2021 together

Be safe tonight, and be smart. Picture in your mind right now what you value most. Don’t lose what you see.


William Golding’s vision was clouded

But that night the boys made a grave error. They fell asleep. A few hours later they awoke to water crashing down over their heads. It was dark. They hoisted the sail, which the wind promptly tore to shreds. Next to break was the rudder.

Keep reading. It’s worth it.

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months – The Guardian


Prepping for my micro-scale Lego shot-for-shot remake of every Harry Potter film in the series

Micro-scale Lego Harry Potter characters in front of Hogwarts castle

What? It’s not like I don’t have the time.


I need to let myself be my perception of this more often

Word of the day: unpleasant


My 2015 in a series of captured moments

On Making New Friends

2015 New Year’s Blessing

A journey is a series of gambles, and after a while you get to be pretty good at it. . . .

This is why I go out of my way to meet my online friends in person

Looking at a new home

In case you missed the recent memo . . .

The Empire Builder from Seattle

Getting Around Without A Car

What happiness are you missing out on in your life and work?

This one’s just a bit too long for a tweet

Everything I need fits in my backpack

Take it

I promise I’ll get my words back soon

I feel like I’ll pull everyone in the city to me just by going outside

And last year and the year before and all the years going back forever


Meeting people – especially beloved people – at train stations is one of my most treasured things to do.

Meeting people – especially beloved people – at train stations is one of my most treasured things to do. It’s so immediate, with none of the airport’s current “security” silliness: seeing (and hearing and feeling) the train arrive, searching through the ensuing crowd for that face you want to see, and seeing the smile that makes the rest of the world disappear when your eyes meet. So many happy reunions, so many tearful goodbyes – train stations must be full of so much residual human emotion. Maybe that’s why they’re so magical.

Source: The Daddy Train — ellemef


I still probably won’t dance at any party

Local people, help me find something fun to do for New Year’s Eve. This latest iteration of me actually seems to enjoy having fun.


Feeling a paler shade of blue

I’ve had something beautiful that looks like it’s fading now. I won’t hold too tightly to anything that’s not mine to keep, but I don’t want to let go just yet.