I have this new writing project I’m working on, and I figured out a way to trick myself into gathering notes more quickly. Each time I have the urge to check ADN or Twitter, I add a new thought to my notes first. I’m collecting notes in an Evernote notebook, so I can easily get… Continue reading Writehack

Version control question from Twitter

Curious: Did you ever implement a writing/editing workflow using Git or Mercurial for version control? I haven’t done that. For my own writing, version control isn’t very important. Plus, if I do end up creating multiple versions and want to compare them, Kaleidoscope makes beautiful diffs. Some of my clients like using Draft, which provides… Continue reading Version control question from Twitter

I only keep one app in my Mac’s dock

Marked is a previewer for Markdown files. Use it with your favorite text editor and it updates every time you save. With robust features for previewing, reviewing and exporting beautiful documents, you can work in plain text while reveling in rich formatting. via Marked 2 – Smarter tools for smarter writers I hate clutter on… Continue reading I only keep one app in my Mac’s dock