The Snoopy Bunker at Highland National Golf Course

There’s a golf course here in St. Paul, Minnesota, that has a bunker shaped like Snoopy to honor Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip and cartoon and a native of St. Paul.

I happened upon the course on one of my recent walks, so I tried to find that bunker. It was easy to spot, but taking photos from the ground really isn’t the best way to see Snoopy.

Thankfully, Golf Digest has a better view. And Google Maps even shows Snoopy’s bunker when you take a look at the course:

You know what? I could have climbed a tree to get a better shot, but I was too afraid of getting yelled at by some pasty dude wearing spiky shoes.

By Jason Rehmus

Jason is curious about all the wrong things, yet he pursues them in the right order.

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