Lion wrecked me

The movie. I cried more tonight than during any other movie I can remember, ever. I had to focus hard at the end so I wouldn’t break down into massive heaving sobs.

By Jason Rehmus

Jason is curious about all the wrong things, yet he pursues them in the right order.


  1. I like hearing about a movie wrecking you. I want to be wrecked more often. I want to be moved by a film to the point I feel like a different person after watching it. I chase that feeling and am so often disappointed that I’ve seen another identical movie to the last one of the same premise. It’s good to hear Lion was wrecking.

  2. That’s a good way to put it. I did feel like a different person after watching it.

    Have you seen Calvary? That’s another one. It felt like my guts were scooped out and left on the floor in front of me.

  3. I have not, but it sounds like I need to see that too.

    I was happy that Get Out and Edge of Seventeen were different movies than the genre foretold. I’m tired of seeing the same movies with a different cast and title.

    Always on the hunt for something original and wrecking.

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