In case you missed the recent memo . . .

I now live in Port Angeles, Washington. Sort of. I came out to Washington to see friends and family, and just decided not to go back. I still have to pack up the bulk of my belongings and bring them to Washington, but I’m heading to Michigan next week to do just that. This is where things get interesting.

After a cross-country train ride and two stops along the way, I’ll arrive in Michigan with three days to pack all my stuff. After moving out of my house last summer, everything I now own will fit comfortably in any car, like the car I’m going to rent to drive back to Washington after stopping in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and anywhere else I find a welcome face and a warm bed.

I expect to be on the road for about a month. If you’ve always wanted to take a huge road trip like this one, keep an eye on this site and consider signing up for my free newsletter to follow along while I drive all over the place, meeting new people and enjoying all the roadside diversions I can stand. There aren’t enough roadside diversions in the whole world to satisfy me.

This is an exciting new chapter for me. Despite the huge amount of uncertainty, I’m looking forward to a new start and sharing all the fun with you.

Update: Follow my updates from the road on a new Tumblr site called Road Delirium.

By Jason Rehmus

Jason is curious about all the wrong things, yet he pursues them in the right order.