Pop Music As Time Travel

I fired up a Kitten playlist to blast a wall around me while I work, and I was instantly transported back to some ad hoc club in Austin, TX, almost two years ago. I saw Kitten live on a fantastic night during an amazing week of travel, seeing strange sites and falling in love with new friends. It was a great time for me. Listening to this playlist sustained me for several months after that trip as I was wrapping up my divorce. The lights from that venue, the solid thunk from the drums and bass, the buzzing guitars, swirl around me right now, blocking out the doubt and critical voices.

There’s plenty of other music that moves me in the same way, but there’s one piece in particular I haven’t had the heart to revisit. The summer I fell in love for the first time, I picked up Styx’s Edge of the Century. That girl’s middle name is Lorelei, named after a Styx song from another album. I bought both and listened to nothing else for a time. First love is interwoven with the notes and tones from the Edge of the Century album. I bought a digital copy a few months ago. I just know the moment I hear those first chords, I’ll be in New Orleans all over again. We’ll be splashing in the rooftop pool of the Hotel Monteleone, ambling through the French Quarter, staring at the lights reflecting in the Mississippi River in the dark.

I can’t do it. I don’t know if I’d ever find my way out of that memory.

By Jason Rehmus

Jason is curious about all the wrong things, yet he pursues them in the right order.

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