Lion wrecked me

The movie. I cried more tonight than during any other movie I can remember, ever. I had to focus hard at the end so I wouldn’t break down into massive heaving sobs.

Oh, Google

I thought we were past the time in history where we had to email passwords and usernames back and forth and log in to each other’s accounts to privately share things. Guess not, according to Google Photos.

I’m getting back on the caffeine

And boy can I feel it!

Ordering decaf everywhere has been annoying lately. Sometimes restaurants don’t serve it. Sometimes I have to wait for a new pot. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes shops have to substitute a sort of similar drink instead of the one I want.

I’ll start with a cup (literal; 8 ounces) of coffee a day and see whether or not my heart explodes. I’m guessing what’ll actually happen is my head will spin off my neck, or I won’t sleep for weeks at a time.


This site has served its purpose. I’m mothballing it and moving on to new endeavors.

Thank you for following along.

My 2015 in a series of captured moments

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2015 New Year’s Blessing

A journey is a series of gambles, and after a while you get to be pretty good at it. . . .

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In case you missed the recent memo . . .

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What happiness are you missing out on in your life and work?

This one’s just a bit too long for a tweet

Everything I need fits in my backpack

Take it

I promise I’ll get my words back soon

I feel like I’ll pull everyone in the city to me just by going outside

And last year and the year before and all the years going back forever

Still shaking my head over this whole charmed time in my life

This morning I randomly ended up sharing an elevator with a nice guy on his first day at my coworking space. We introduced ourselves by our first names and went about our business. I looked him up in the directory, saw his last name, and realized WE’VE BEEN CONNECTED ON TWITTER FOR MORE THAN FIVE YEARS.


UPDATE: To be clear, I’m new in town, and this is not someone I should have already met. I’m having a hard time thinking anything at all is ever random in this life.