Anyone else wanna cancel on me?

I’m now up to three cancellations this week, and it’s only Tuesday! Looking at my calendar I hope the rest of my appointments happen. I really do like seeing people from time to time.

This is too true

I barely write and never publish anything personal because I’m afraid readers will find out true things about me I didn’t intend to share, no matter how carefully I scrutinize what I put out.

No promises

It’s a bit cobwebby around here, lots of dust flying as I type. Maybe I can do something about that.

The Snoopy Bunker at Highland National Golf Course

There’s a golf course here in St. Paul, Minnesota, that has a bunker shaped like Snoopy to honor Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip and cartoon and a native of St. Paul.

I happened upon the course on one of my recent walks, so I tried to find that bunker. It was easy to spot, but taking photos from the ground really isn’t the best way to see Snoopy.

Thankfully, Golf Digest has a better view. And Google Maps even shows Snoopy’s bunker when you take a look at the course:

You know what? I could have climbed a tree to get a better shot, but I was too afraid of getting yelled at by some pasty dude wearing spiky shoes.